Olaplex Unbreakable Blondes

Olaplex Unbreakable Blondes is the perfect travel set for Blondes and grey hair.



Olaplex Unbreakable Blondes Mini Kit is a starter set to repair and brighten blonde, lightened, and grey hair. The scientifically proven two-part system of No.0 and No.3 repairs damaged, fragile, brittle hair. No.4P tones and brightens as it cleanses and finishing with No.8 restores weightless moisture to dry, dehydrated hair. An ideal take-home kit after lightening services to maintain the results of in-salon OLAPLEX treatments.


For all blonde, lightened, and grey hair


0 Intensive Bond Building Hair Treatment (40 mL / 1.35 fl. oz.)
3 Hair Perfector™ (30 mL / 1 fl. oz.)
4P Blonde Enhancer™ Toning Shampoo (20 mL / .68 fl. oz.)
8 Bond Intense Moisture Mask (20 mL / .68 fl. oz.)

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1 in stock